New Features of EQdkp Plus

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EQdkp Plus 2.3 contains a lot of new Features. This article should introduce the most importent of them.


Instead of news and infopages, we introduced a complete new article system. Each news and page is now an article. You can group your articles using article-categories. Moreover, you can realise for example blogs for your guild and users.

You can divide a single article using the Readmore- and Pagebreak-Methods. Also, you can insert Image-Galeries, Items or Raidloot using the appropriate Editor-Buttons.


Using the new Media-Management in ACP or Editor, you can now easily insert Media into your articles. For example, files can be uploaded using Drag&Drop. Also, you can even edit images in the Filebrowser.


Planing raids was never been easier by using Drag&Drop. Also, public and private events can be created, people can be invited and tell you if they participate or not.


We have removed all menus except one. And the last one could be totally configured. You can position the entries using Drag&Drop in 3 levels, so it's possible to create submenus. You can still create links to external pages, but also add direct links to articles or articlecategories.


In former times, there was only one portallayout, you had on every page the same portal modules. That's why we implemented the portallayouts. Now you can assign a portallayout to each articlecategory.

Furthermore, you can create own portal blocks that you can embedd in your template, for example for editing links in your footer.


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